Digital Citizenship Videos - these videos are for audiences that
are ready to discuss Digital Citizenship in a grown up way.
Put on your high school hat and take them seriously.

After each video, respond in the Digital Citizenship form
linked on the assignment page.

1. What are your "rights and responsibilities" online?
Video 1
  2. What is important to know about online work and learning? Video 2
  3. "Oversharing" and other social media rules to remember Video 3
  4. Location sharing and a word of warning Video 4
  5. Kids talking about gossip and how fast it can spread online Video 5
6. Students regret choices made through email Video 6
7. Student shares about handling cyber bullying Video 7
8. How does social media work in high school and college? Video 8
  9. Once you post a picture online...Video 9